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Extended Feature Description
Religious institutions have been slow towards adopting online technology but that is now changing over time because of the great benefits it provides. Sectorg3 is geared towards greatly assisting any ministry or growing faith based community to sustain it's online presence. Equipped with a full-featured management dashboard providing you a unified way to have all important ministry information into a single location. No more looking for data and records from various applications, storage and systems. You have the convenience of a centralized database that can be readily accessible. Donations, contributions and collections go a long way in maintaining and growing a ministry, hence it is essential that everything that goes into the ministry coffers are accurately tracked and monitored.
Finance & Accounts

Get a complete summary of all financial transactions related to tithes, offerings, pledges, contributions and all donations. This is information can be made available to the church as records are stored on the system.


This tracks all the logins and valid checkins from various religious members who did what, when or who said what. A service started at what time, what kind of activities are members most interested and most engaged in etc.

Social System

Communication is important because ministries are built on the trust of the senior management information towards the congregation. Therefore various activities including public evangelist programs are managed easily.

Donor Management

Simply track the details of all your donors and your interactions with them and then using that information appropriately whether online or offline for references or further purposes like forecasting the ministry progress.

General Management

There's always constant overview of all the church ministry, groups, church information providing quick reports. The amount of songs the ministry is releasing and other fundaraising projects for ministry development are possible.


Know the number of your congregation by all details including name, phone number, location, ministry support, new converts, origin and to use this information to know the opinion of each when maintaining a cause.

Attendance System

Track the presence of all the absent and present members at all gatherings and ministry duties and give reward to who it's due. This helps identify and show the spiritual growth of your ministry over the course of years.

Sunday School

Kids at the congregation and young children are the future trees of tomorrow's ministry therefore detailed information associated with a given church member right from childhood until their adulthood can be tracked.

Volunteer System

At the time when the ministry needs public support, this helps organize the voluteer contact information, location, availability, age, scheduling, history etc. This works best for singers and ministry power preachers.

Automate Giving

All members at the ministry with jobs can issue automatic monthly, weekly or daily giving to support the ministry and that provides a wide degree of transparency. This helps stabilise funds running ministry cores like fuel, food.

Financial Reports

Provide secure collection and management of individual and major donations as well as pledges and upcoming donations. This can be readily available for donors or contributors wanting all financial reports of the ministry.

Events management

This eliminates the difficulty in planning ministry events and facilitate booking, monitoring of assets and tracking of contributions at your fingertips. Members can easily be informed and updated in any changes.